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For more than 28 years of legal representation, Daniel C. Harkins has been engaged in the general practice of law with an emphasis on corporate, tax and healthcare issues which affect tax-exempt entities, closely held business and individuals.

He has effectively represented his clients in protecting and enhancing their respective business interests, property rights and personal rights.

A significant portion of the office's practice is focused on issues which involve the elderly and long term care. Representative clients include physician groups, nursing facilities and continuing care communities which are located in Ohio. Legal representation is offered with respect to acquisitions, mergers, regulatory compliance, resident relations, taxation and operational matters.

The office also assists individuals throughout Ohio with respect to estate planning, probate administration and probate litigation.

The office has significant experience in complex litigation, including trial and appellate representation. Daniel is admitted to practice in federal and State courts which are located in Ohio.

The office has experience in election law matters, including election contests, controversies and recounts.

Our location in Springfield has enabled us to provide effective representation throughout Ohio.

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Daniel C Harkins, Attorney at Law
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